Every public body, organisation or company has a story to tell. Bringing this story alive and turning it into a gripping narrative is what we do. It is an attractive and informal way of visualising the essence of your organisation or brand.

Visual storytelling on walls is another means of presenting your story in offices, hospitals, airports, shoppings malls, museums, public spaces or at events. Wallstories proposes a compelling way of depicting corporate stories, historical overviews, educational or artistic projects on your wall.

The Wallstory concept is about building sequences and creating scenes culminating in a unique image: the bigger picture. This may be done in a loosely associative manner or supervised by a tightly directed script. Uncompromising art-direction and styling coalesce into a powerful visual identity.

We’re not a one-trick pony, so we use different techniques including photography, paintwork, collage or 3D artwork in diverse materials depending on the situation and context. As experienced filmmakers we also produce moving images for large scale projections or led walls.

Below: examples of our work > go to "PROJECTS" to discover more.

Original artwork or parts of it can be used for advertising or publications such as posters, (digital) postcards, or in the case of a restaurant, menus and billboards.