Restaurant wall - VPRO, BNNVARA, NTR

Wallstory in restaurant Mediapark Hilversum

This narrative wall was created for a newly built restaurant used by three Dutch independent public broadcasters: VPRO, BNNVARA, and NTR . The design is based on a film storyboard and depicts fictional scenes - set in an imaginary restaurant - which are linked to TV and drama productions.

We concentrated on producing a design to suit the space rather than dominating it. The chosen perspective (top view) produces an almost abstract pattern when seen from a distance. Closer consideration reveals realistic scenes with unexpected details. The bird’s eye view is an essential part of this idea as it forces the observer to interpret the image in a different way.

Functional and decorative

The plan of the architects of Workshop of Wonders stipulated that the wall (40 metres long) should have an acoustic function. A printed screen to decorate the space was the obvious choice.

[photography by Daria Scagliola]

Before production starts an elaborate plan, storyboard and detailed moodboard are made in order to create an efficient workflow. Clients will then know what to expect and everyone else involved in the project understands the concept

Experts from Square Media secure the canvas on the acoustic wall.

Centuries ago tapestries were hung on the interior walls of castles as decoration, with the extra function of insulation during winter. It is interesting to find ourselves working in the tradition of the pictorial role of tapestry, an early form of visual storytelling.

Apart from the religious and mythological images, hunting scenes are the subject of many tapestries produced for indoor decoration.