René Gast and Yvonne Kroese work together on storytelling projects for public or private spaces. These stories are brought to life by the use of photography for a 'tableau vivant', paintwork or are made out of material. And when motion is required, we use led walls or video-projection. All these projects have one common goal: to tell a visual story.

Biography René Gast
René Gast, studied at the Rietveld academy in Amsterdam and graduated as a graphic designer. He is now a filmmaker, photographer and designer and works for various projects: documentaries, television, corporate films, educational and interactive projects. He has lectured at art colleges in Arnhem, Utrecht and Rotterdam and currently works as tutor at the IMC weekend school, a project for city children.

Clients: Dutch Parliament, Province of Zuid-Holland, Flevoland, Rabobank, Rabo Foundation, European Parliament, NTR, VPRO, BNNVARA, NOS, AVRO, MCI, Holland Festival, Persgroep, RTL-Germany, Sony, Flora Holland, VNCI, NPO/EBU, Cultura, Turnover, Forum, PlatformVG.

Biography Yvonne Kroese
Yvonne Kroese studied at the Design Academy Eindhoven and Artez Artschool Arnhem. She works as an art-director, motion designer and independent artist. She has lectured at art colleges in Arnhem, Utrecht, Rotterdam and Maastricht and currently works as tutor in game design at the college of art in Utrecht.

Clients: De Volkskrant, NRC, NTR, VPRO, The Frozen Fountain, Mitros Housing Cooperation, Turnover, Belastingdienst (Dutch Tax authorities), Dienst Landelijke Gemeentes, RTL-Germany, Dutch Food Safety Authority, Belgium Embassy, Frans Hals Museum.

Our team includes the necessary professionals to enable us to produce a project from start to the finish.

FOTO. Cast and crew. Costume design: Sally Dyer. Make-up: Trudy Buren. Gaffer: Lichtmacht, Jelle van der Does.