Signing & identity - NTR

This metal wall and corresponding mobile (or kinetic sculpture) was created for the independent Dutch public service broadcaster NTR and is located at the main entrance.

Wallstory at NTR: how to visualize their story?

How do you create an identity for an organisation that produces children's programmes like Sesame Street and Het Klokhuis but also broadcasts experimental dance performances? How do you make a visual story based on so many different themes?  We found a solution by using the metaphor of a construction board. NTR employs enthusiastic programme makers and creators. Elements and themes of NTR and its programmes were assembled in a three-dimensional object based on this idea of the construction kit. The main entrance with its huge wall was the right place for this piece. Combinations of individual parts appear (painted directly on the wall) in other parts of the building. This project has been realised in cooperation with the interior designers of Workshop of Wonders.

[photography by Daria Scagliola]

Drawings and studies for the aluminium wall, the mobile, the painted walls and pillars. Ton-sur-ton images on concrete pillars like a tattoo, a cardboard mobile in order to find out if the balance is right.


Making-of pictures of the project.

The colon and the logo.

NTR expresses its identity in its logo: NTR colon. NTR has a great deal to say and to show. NTR stands for depth and enrichment, for information and surprise, for development and for personal growth. The colon is everywhere and is a playful instrument for signing, corporate identity, posters, clips and idents. We developed and produced the graphic design and station-idents.

Winner of the Red Dot Awards.